IndieWire: Nonprofit Takes Cues From Peace Corps

“Taking some of the core tenets of the Peace Corps, FILMMAKERS WITHOUT BORDERS, a non-profit based in Manhattan, has provided a culturally specific framework for film instruction to young children in underdeveloped countries. It is a non-profit arts organization that connects filmmaking educators with young students from schools and community organizations. The program sends US-based film artist-educators abroad to teach filmmaking to students in underserved communities with the goal of developing opportunities for cross-cultural exchange. Its educators teach filmmaking, media literacy, and 21st century technology skills to local youth in various countries for one year.” READ MORE

Huffington Post: Through The Eyes Of The Youth

“I recently sat down with Corey Boling and his team over at FILMMAKERS WITHOUT BORDERS to talk about how we could put the power of visual storytelling in the hands of the youth around the world. Soon, a team of highly-skilled teaching artists will be sent on a fully-funded year-long trip to the neighborhoods of struggling youth around the world to put a camera in the hands of a child who yesterday struggled to find a pencil. Telling the story is easy, yes, but crafting a compelling narrative that holds the attention of a crowd? That takes finely tuned skill, a skill Corey and his team share with the youth around the world.” READ MORE

Rizzarr: Changing The Lives Of Youth Through Storytelling

“One group of passionate filmmakers have realized that it only takes a dream and a camera lense to help inspire the lives of young people around the world. This group of people make up the nonprofit, FILMMAKERS WITHOUT BORDERS. They make it easy to understand how using your passion can change lives. Headquartered in New York City, the team is comprised of educators, filmmakers, and technologists who travel around the world to change thousands of young lives in underserved communities through teaching the art of filmmaking.” READ MORE

Teaching/Traveling: Teaching Video Abroad

“Living in Kathmandu for a year teaching 3 classes a day has been the most fulfilling and enriching experience I’ve had professionally.  Not only have I tested my limits as an educator, but also culturally and personally.  I credit this growth to the students that I have had the pleasure of teaching every day.  I’m constantly inspired by them and feed off of their wonder and excitement as they learn how to make their own movies.  I have watched many of my students evolve from shy participants in class to driven, motivated, and creatively passionate individuals.” READ MORE

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