Peace Corps for Filmmakers.


Identify Talented Filmmakers

We identify experienced professional filmmakers who are eager to share their skills with the next generation of digital storytellers.

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Provide Funding & Resources

From video tutorials to customized curriculum, we work hard to provide a wide range of professional development and teacher training opportunities.

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Supply Cameras & Equipment

We equip participating filmmakers with digital cameras and emerging mobile technologies in order to teach with the most exciting equipment available.

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Send Filmmakers Overseas

We send filmmakers abroad to schools and other community organizations where they spend one year teaching filmmaking, technology, & media literacy.

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Connect Cultures & Classrooms

Participating filmmakers use video-conferencing and other communication tools to connect their overseas classrooms with schools back in the US.

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Support Projects & Films

We provide the technical and logistical support necessary to create films overseas and after returning to the US. From post-production to distribution.

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