Helping Youth Explore Their World

Our participants empower underserved youth to create their own short films and media projects.  By providing underserved students with targeted technology, training, and methodology, FILMMAKERS WITHOUT BORDERS enables young people from across Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Oceania to explore their role within their respective community, culture, and society.


We’re committed to empowering young filmmakers.  In an effort to ensure that their stories reach the widest possible audience, FILMMAKERS WITHOUT BORDERS showcases its students films at film festivals in host countries (where students conduct Q&A sessions and roundtables) as well as in New York City. Additionally, students’ films are submitted to a wide range of student film festivals across the US and Europe.

By connecting students in the US with students across India, Honduras, and Bhutan, FILMMAKERS WITHOUT BORDERS helps provide the next generation of digital storytellers with the international perspective necessary for success in an increasingly globalizing age. Students from different countries and cultures co-create films and other multimedia projects while engaging in meaningful cross cultural exchange.

Supporting Filmmakers’ Independent Projects

In addition to making an impact in the classroom, we recognize that participating filmmakers are accomplished visual artists in their own right.  In an effort to make the most of participants’ year abroad, FILMMAKERS WITHOUT BORDERS provides a framework for filmmakers to produce a series of short documentaries and short narrative films as well as a feature length film based in their new community.  We provide the relevant benchmarks, feedback, and  post-production support necessary for participants to successfully complete an entire feature length film worthy of the festival circuit.

Creating Videos For Schools & Organizations

FILMMAKERS WITHOUT BORDERS is committed to giving back to the communities in which we work. Part of this process includes providing video content for the schools and community organizations across all of our placement sites. From staff and student interviews outlining a school’s mission to fundraising videos used for grant applications, participants provide our host organizations with impactful promotional videos highlighting the wonderful work they’re already doing.

Film Festivals & Distribution

We’re committed to shining a spotlight on people and places often overlooked by mainstream media.  FILMMAKERS WITHOUT BORDERS showcases student and filmmakers’ films through a variety of community screenings and film festivals both overseas and in New York City. And in an effort to reach the widest audience possible, we also pay the submission fees for participants’ feature films to be submitted to such A-list film festivals as Sundance and Tribeca.


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