A Camera For Every Student

FILMMAKERS WITHOUT BORDERS equips every FWB classroom with Kodak Playsport pocket cameras. These devices are easy to use and perfect for first time filmmakers. They go directly into students’ hands in conjunction with our customized curriculum and culturally-relevant lesson plans.


Small durable, and easy to use, the Kodak Playsport is an excellent camera for use both in and outside of the classroom. It shoots in high definition and is roughly the size of an average smart phone. Even better, it can take drops of up to five feet and it is waterproof. An auto-focusing feature makes it great for first time filmmakers or shooting on the go. The Playsport records on SDHC cards, making it easy to upload and share footage on social media sites.


Playsports are used in concurrence with our customized curriculum and lesson plans. Students are given a thorough introduction on the camera’s interworking but are also encouraged to experiment and learn by doing. Its durability and modest costs make the Playsport conducive to our hands on teaching philosophy.

A Digital SLR Camera in Every Classroom

FILMMAKERS WITHOUT BORDERS provides one Canon EOS Rebel T3i to every FWB classroom, offering a new generation of digital storytellers access to top-notch equipment. In addition to its use in the classroom, participating Fellows also use the T3i to produce a series of vignettes, short films, and even a feature length project during their year-long fellowship.

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Laptop, Projector, & Editing Software

FILMMAKERS WITHOUT BORDERS outfits all FWB classrooms with an in-class laptop and battery-powered mini-projector so that even the most under-resourced communities can analyze various media examples as well as regularly screen/review their own student projects.  FWBprojector

Every FWB laptop is equipped with Adobe Premiere Pro so that students have an opportunity to create exciting and complex film projects with one of the latest post-production platforms. Premiere Pro allows students of all ages to align their technical skills with industry standards and provides them with the opportunity to develop the advanced editing techniques necessary to create dynamic and engaging multimedia projects.

Microphones, Hard Drives, & Other Equipment

Additionally, FILMMAKERS WITHOUT BORDERS provides a wide variety of microphones, external hard drives, tripods, and SD cards to all of its classrooms so that overseas students can fully realize their own creative vision.

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