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For US Classrooms


How can teachers connect their students to overseas classrooms?

FILMMAKERS WITHOUT BORDERS connects US-based teachers and their students with overseas classrooms in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Oceania. In an effort to facilitate collaborative media projects and to foster cross cultural exchange, our filmmakers work directly with US classroom teachers  to co-design targeted curriculum and lesson plans that will be implemented throughout the coming year.

How does it work?

Before filmmakers travel overseas, they are paired with a US-based classroom teacher.  The pair spend about 2 months designing collaborative film and media projects and developing related lesson plans and rubrics.  Once filmmakers are overseas, both classrooms use Skype, Google Hangouts, and other communication platforms to provide their respective classrooms with opportunities to create media projects with students from another country.

What are some examples of collaborative projects?

Imagine if students in the Bronx wrote a script for a short film about bullying.  And then students in Honduras filmed it. And vice versa. What if students used basic email to co-write scripts with a student in another country? What if students were assigned the same creative prompts and tasked with filming their own version of an idea? The sky’s the limit.  

How do I become a partner classroom?

In order to become a partner classroom, US-based classroom teachers should submit a detailed proposal outlining the ways in which their students will benefit from the program, how they plan to utilize emerging technologies in their classrooms, and what types of collaborative activities and projects they envision implementing throughout the academic year. APPLY NOW. 

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