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Does your organization work with underserved youth?  Do you believe that digital storytelling and filmmaking can empower your students?  Do you dream about integrating new technologies into your curriculum and identifying new avenues for meaningful engagement in the classroom? FILMMAKERS WITHOUT BORDERS sends experienced, professional arts educators and filmmakers to schools and community organizations overseas to teach students in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Oceania.

What kinds of organizations host participating filmmakers?

Potential partner organizations should be schools or community organizations that provide educational services to underserved youth in a particular community outside of the US.  In most cases, organizations must operate on a not-for-profit basis. FILMMAKERS WITHOUT BORDERS asks that all potential partners help provide participating filmmakers with housing and food (or stipend) for one full year.  Housing may be in the form of a dedicated shared apartment or host family. All partners must demonstrate how their institution will ensure the safety and security of potential participants.

What will filmmakers teach?

Participating Filmmakers will teach filmmaking, media literacy, and 21st century technology skills directly to your students, in most cases on a full time basis.  We work closely with host organization staff to provide participating filmmakers with  detailed curriculum maps and lesson plans in an effort to ensure that our curriculum aligns with your institution’s mission and goals. Additionally, filmmakers may train local classroom teachers and conduct digital storytelling workshops for other local community organizations.      

How do I become a host organization?

In order to become a partner, host organizations should submit a detailed proposal outlining the ways in which their students and/or community will benefit from the program, how they plan to utilize emerging technologies in their classrooms, and what types of collaborative activities and projects they envision implementing throughout the academic year.  

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