Digital Storytelling in the Developing World


Send Film Educators Overseas

We identify and fully-fund experienced filmmakers and art educators who are eager to share their skills with the next generation of digital storytellers. Participants are sent abroad to schools and other community organizations where they spend one year teaching filmmaking, technology, and media literacy to students throughout Africa, Asia, & Latin America.

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Connect Cultures & Classrooms

Participating filmmakers work closely with a US-based classroom teacher in order to develop cross-cultural collaborative projects throughout the academic year. Once abroad, filmmakers use video-conferencing and other communication tools to forge creative relationships, foster cross-cultural dialogue, and connect their overseas students with schools back in the US.

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Support Digital Storytellers

We equip filmmakers with the latest digital cameras and emerging technologies so that they may empower their students to create their own films. We also provide additional technical and logistical support so that filmmakers can create their own projects while abroad. We then showcase student and filmmakers’ works online and throughout the film festival circuit.

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